About Us

Louis Carter was created with the goal of providing affordable fashion which is not only unique but also made with quality in mind.

We are envirnomentally oriented and ensure that we do our part to help with keeping our Earth in good shape. That is why we do not hold more stock than we need. None of our unsold goods are sent to the landfill. Too many fast fashion brands have no thought for saving the planet. 🌎

Our goal is to provide value to our customers wherever they may be. That is why we are commited to free shipping worldwide. We use a centralised system with a main warehouse. This allows us to save money exporting goods to warehouses worldwide which is passed on to the customer. Not to mention this model is much better for the planet.

There are some downsides to this model. The main being that delivery can take a little longer than most other brands. But is it not worth the wait when you are confident you are doing your bit for the environment?